Oral histories of virginia legal aid

LSCV has an ongoing project, recording by audio and video the reflections of lawyers working in Virginia legal aid. These interviews of former and retired legal aid lawyers cover legal aid's history in the sixties and seventies, formative events of the eighties and nineties and up to the present day. Those interviewed are widely considered icons in the legal aid community. We hope you enjoy their first-hand accounts of what it was like to practice law in Virginia during the beginnings of the access to justice movement.

John Levy

Henry McLaughlin

Henry Woodward

Henry Woodward Introduction

Change in Direction of Legal Services

VA's Legal Aid Funding

Mentors/Changing Legal Aid Experience

Woodward's Impact Work

Complete Audio of Henry Woodward Interview

Management and Structure

Prioritizing Issues

Jill Hanken

Jill Hanken Introduction

Progress and State of Legal Aid in VA

Issues, Impact, and State of Legal Aid